Lucky SHG

Simlajhar village
Assam, India

Simlajhar village of Assam is located within the forests that are abundant all across the state. Surrounded by tall trees and strong bamboo, the people of SImlajhar have been harvesting the natural resources around them for generations.

However, even with the natural resources around them, a life full of comfort is still a distant dream for many of the villagers.

To try and create a more secure future for their families, the women of Simlajhar started the Lucky SHG. 

These 10 women create and sell beautiful bamboo products ranging from cups to decorative items to even beds all across India.

Through their initiatives, their life had finally started to take a turn for the better. The women could work from home, only going out to sell the products. They were earning not only money but also the respect of the people around them. To them, it seemed as if the good days were just beginning.

But then, COVID-19 came into the picture.

Currently, the women are stuck in their village, their savings dwindling by the minute. With no external help, they are cast further and further into the bleak lifestyle they worked so hard to escape.

Help us help the women of Lucky SHG

to get back on their feet. 

Your donation will go towards helping the women fund their production process so they can begin selling their products again.

For every donation you make, the Self Help Group would like to extend their gratitude to you by sending you a special gift, handcrafted by them, as well.

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Simlajhar Village,
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