Roshni SHG

Dhamna village in  (Tikamgarh District) 
Madhya Pradesh, India

In Dhamna village in Madhya Pradesh, the ancestral craft of clay sculptures has long been limited to only men. Yet today, under the guidance of a few members of the village, the women of Dhamna have begun to create delicate sculptures in the traditional Indian style, adopting the ancestral art that had been restricted from them for years. 

The 10 women who are a part of the Roshni SHG have been creating and selling decorative items made of clay since 2006 and have thus witnessed a huge impact in their daily lives and have been able to gain financial independence.

Although they originally sold their products only to the tourists who happened to visit their village, by forming this self-help group the women have been exposed to a much wider array of opportunities.

They had begun selling their products in melas or festivals across India, getting to earn an income while also seeing the world outside their village.

However, the COVID-19 has stripped them of all opportunities and progress. They are back to square one, with no funds coming in to support them during this difficult time.

The life that they had begun to lead, one full of respect, financial security, and independence has deserted them. Right now, the ladies sit in their houses once again, fearful of whether they will be able to restart the work that had helped them earn not only the appreciation of those around them but the money to keep clothes on their back and food on their plates.

Help us help the women of Roshni SHG

to get back on their feet. 

Your donation will go towards helping the women fund their production process so they can begin selling their products again.

For every donation you make, the Self Help Group would like to extend their gratitude to you by sending you a special gift, handcrafted by them, as well.

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