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Biz Admins enables small to enterprise-level businesses to integrate powerful data solutions into all business processes, fundamentally transforming how they operate and deliver value to their customers.

What We Offer

Data Development – Bringing Intelligent Automation To Back-End Processes

Biz Admins’ data solutions powered by AI empower rapid end-to-end business process automation and accelerate the digital transformation of mundane, repetitive, and labor-intensive tasks in back-office areas.

Data Analytics – Transforming Raw Business Data To Smart Insights

Biz Admins’ Business Intelligence Suite allows enterprises to use the power of data analytics to identify trends and solutions. Our Data Engineers develop customized solutions to deliver process improvements and automation.

Data Cleansing – Scrubbing Data To Improve Accuracy

Data entry errors can prove very costly and damaging for businesses. These errors expose organizations to compliance risks and waste large amounts of money. Biz Admins’ AI-Driven data cleanup solutions can significantly improve data quality per your validation requirements.

Data Transformation – Restructuring Data To Increase Compatibility

Biz Admins’ data transformation solutions capture data from databases, spreadsheets, text files, APIs, etc., and apply custom business validations to produce a structured output in numerous potential formats, including JSON, CSV, etc., compatible with your enterprise’s IT system.

About Us

Data, Analytics, AI – Simplified

We are a Team of Data Scientists, Business Process Consultants, and Software Engineers. Our vision is to simplify the adoption of data automation and predictive analytics for solving challenging business problems. Cofounded by Ayumi Takasugi, a product, and processing reengineering specialist, and Sarah Randhawa, a passionate engineer and data scientist, Biz Admin seeks to unlock performance and improve efficiency for small to mid-sized enterprises.

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